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If you are like us and you LOVE supporting female-led brands that are passionate about making a difference, LOVE your skin, LOVE exploring amazing new wellness products and LOVE the heart-driven community of go-get-em gals supporting each other, then VAMS is your vibe, your tribe and your go-to shopping destination with a difference.


No need to schlep all over the web looking for tried and tested beauty and wellness brands, VAMS has done all of the leg work to bring you a curated collection of the very newest and very best Australian-owned, locally made, female-led beauty brands.


Think of us as your very own nutritionists as we guide you on your skincare journey, helping you make healthy skincare choices with both products and brands. 

Your go-to destination for female-led Australian beauty and wellness brands.


The word ‘vain’ has certainly had its fair share of negativity over the years right?


When did unequivocally loving ourselves become a character flaw? We are unsubscribing to this outdated narrative. Who’s in?


Here at VAMS, we are unapologetic about being vain about our skin. Our skin is one of our most important assets and deserves all the love, all the attention and all the good goop.


We are also super passionate about supporting women as they follow their business dreams and create heart-driven beauty and wellness brands.

The VAMS platform is more than just a hub for AH-MAZING skincare. It is a community of women following their dreams, embracing their opportunities and showing the next generation of girls to chase after whatever it is that lights them up.

A collaboration of like-minded women dedicated to creating luxe Australian brands, VAMS is your biggest cheerleader celebrating you along your journey.

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