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15 Images of Your Product


$40 per photo

Do you need content for your product based business? If you’re nodding along and thinking YASSS I want pretty pictures of my product then this is for you.


You know the age-old saying “work ON your business and not IN your business”? Well, this exclusive little package allows you to just do that.


Focus on growing your business, working on leads and sales while I glam up your images to suit your brand tone and aesthetic.


If you struggle with consistency, creativity and congruence, I hear you and that is why I have created this package. 

You have the amazing goods and I have the camera, eye for detail and passion for small biz.




  • 15 images of your product [ $40 per image ]

  • Gallery of photos to choose your absolute faves 

  • No additional content usage charges, they're yours to keep and use forever.

  • Can be used for Instagram, Facebook, Email Campaigns, Pinterest, Blogs, Ads etc.

  • Photo size is: Instagram Portrait Size 1080 x 1350 [ $40 per image ]


  • You're welcome to provide a UGC Brief or product mood board.

  • Or share a Pinterest board with me - I usually look through your website + socials. 

  • One photo of your product will be posted on @ellie_vams Instagram for brand awareness.

  • Please note the standard content turnaround time frame is 3 - 4 weeks. 

  • Once your UGC brief and product is received, along with any additional information required, your turnaround time listed above commences.

  • If props like flowers, plants & food are required, this cost will be covered by you [ receipts of purchases will be provided ]. 

  • I am not a professional photographer, editing and airbrushing is limited however I love creating beautiful images and try my absolute BEST to create scroll stop worthy content. Finger prints, blotches  & imperfections are always removed.

  • My style is bold, bright and feminine.

Lovelies, this is L I M I T E D … start the year investing in your brand and watch it grow wings.


Love Ellie xx 


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