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Affordable Content Creation & Brand Awareness for New and Emerging Beauty Businesses.

Your beauty
brand's SUCCESS
starts here.


Welcome to the platform that propels your
business to the NEXT LEVEL.

WOMEN OWNED businesses,
start-ups, and brand owners.

We’re all about holding up each other’s crowns as we work hard on our passions together. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your beauty business, and we make it our business to elevate yours.

Vain About My Skin: Close-up of a model's flawless face highlighting our products efficiency.
The application of the Vain About My Skin serum dropper.

WOMEN OWNED businesses,
start-ups, and brand owners.

Our platform was created to share the new and emerging beauty and skincare brands we’ve discovered, fallen in love with, and swear by. For life. We only stock products we are passionate about.


I’m Ellie.
Beauty blogger, Content Creator & Fellow Beauty Brand Owner.

I’m passionate about all things social media, beauty and skincare, but most of all - my true purpose is being here to support entrepreneurial women!

I know the struggle of launching and growing your own skincare and beauty business. It can be a time consuming and expensive journey, especially without a helping hand. In my world, there’s not competition, only collaboration.

That’s why I created VAMS (Vain About My Skin) as hub of support for the busy, creative and hard-working women starting their own beauty empire.


Are you ready to put the spotlight
on your BEAUTY BIZ?

VAMS exists to provide affordable solutions to reaching your goals and getting the time-consuming task of content creation and brand awareness DONE, so you can focus on your one true
love - working on your beauty biz!

We work with even the smallest of budgets, because we believe that every passion women-owned beauty brand deserves a
chance in the spotlight!


MUSIC to my ears.

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the effort you’ve put into this shoot and also such a user-friendly way for me to select our shots. I'm so excited to keep working with you. I'm finding it hard to choose :) but I selected some." 

-Jess Thomas, founder of
Health Lab

"Cannot rave about Ellie enough. Her content is beyond beautiful and she is such a delight to work with.
She also is such an expert on beauty, that she really shines in the industry. 6 stars!!"

-Sam Brett, founder of
Naked Sundays

"Just wow! Ellie did such an amazing job creating content for GunkOff Skincare. She managed to produce not only stunning images, but also capture our product functionality and showcase our branding.

Ellie was very punctual and provided images within the specified time frame. An absolute please to work with and will definitely be seeking her assistance again."


"Ellie makes content that is on trend, high quality and professional! She understands the assignment perfectly 🤩

She created a gallery of photographs for our products and they were on brand and professional! Can’t wait to work on other projects with her!"


Really really great women make VAMS possible. Someone, [probably a woman] said once: "There is a special place in heaven for women who support other women". We, obviously want to go to heaven -  Meet VAMS creatives passionate about skincare, beauty, and content creation.

A Multi-disciplinary creative and beauty lover - obsessed with everything from skincare to make-up. Also has a tendency to collect eyeshadows, mauve lipsticks and drink a lot of boba.
Beauty blog owner and creator over
Sydney, Australia

I am a skin specialist and content creator, passionate about making skincare less overwhelming whilst promoting realistic beauty standards. Email: 
 Sunshine Coast, Australia

I’m a freelance model, copywriter & Australian UGC creator. Hii! I started securing paid work with Brands with as little as 2k followers on Instagram and now I work full-time as a content creator. I love to talk all things Social Media, Content Creation, and marketing! More about me over here. Instagram@ThatAchellesGirl 
NSW, Australia

I am a skin enthusiast, beauty brand owner, content creator, blogger and youtuber, passionate about sharing honest and in-depth skincare and beauty product reviews. I also love sharing bits of motivational reels as part of reminding ourselves to take more self-care moments in our daily busy life.IG @rosiedolly Roseline Beauty IG @roselinebeauty_
Sydney, Australia

Headshot of Vain About My Skin Creative, freelance model, copywriter and Australian UGC creator Rebecca.
Headshot of Vain About My Skin Creative and beauty blog owner Stella.
Headshot of Vain About My Skin Creative, skin specialist and content creator Tiana.
Worm's-eye view of a model with clean, vibrant, healthy skin  against a clear blue sky backdrop, representing Vain About My Skin's essence.

Strictly speaking, as I hold my second cup of coffee, I never get down to busines until I'm adrift in coffee-scented heaven. Is you like me?
Yeah, we're the cool cats now and cool people need to stick together soo you know what you need to do *wink wink *nudge nudge

I only email the good good stuff.

Thank you! You are THE BEST.

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