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Woman wearing a rejuvenating Vain About My Skin face mask


The Beauty Business Podcast is hosted by Tashi and Yonja, the pair get into the nitty gritty info details of all you've ever wanted to know about  commercial and legal aspects ,of the  multibillion dollar industry on the business of Beauty & Fashion. Hear the voices, insider business details  and get to know the founders of fast becoming iconic beauty, skincare and fashion brands.

The premiere episode featured Judy Deuchar, General Manager of TVSN!! The pair brings an impressive roster of guests (Craig Schweighoffer, the founder of Boost Lab Co,  Alcapo's Dickson Lam, Lucy Brooks founder of Little Bird PR, Dermavault's founder Yonja Bombardiere, Hilary Holmes, founder of Holme Beauty and counting!) 

anndddd guessss what! I will be occasionally co-hosting the Podcast!

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