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AESTHETIC LIFE: Where beauty from the inside, nourishes the outside

Thoughtfully created by Samantha and Tina, two Sydney mums with a passion and experience in beauty and well-being.

MEET SAM THE BEAUTY THERAPIST & AESTHETICS LIFE I myself am very passionate about skincare as I am a beauty therapist and have been treating skin for years. When it comes to skincare there are a number of factors people don’t take into account when choosing skincare, firstly not knowing their skin type and by default not knowing the appropriate skincare for their skin. Not enough information/direction how to use products to make them work better. Affordability, they can be extremely pricey and makes it difficult for people to maintain a regular routine. We wanted to create products that produce results but didn’t hurt the pocket whilst encouraging customers to regularly look after their skin and enjoy long lasting results. Our tea is focusing on beauty from within infused with high grade collagen and hemp in ONE!

So, with credit cards at the ready, here are the Aesthetic Life's hero products. USE CODE VAMSGIFT for a SPECIAL GIFT IN YOUR CART *When you buy something using the website links on this Blog Post, we may earn a small commission, which pays for VAMS bills.

Who doesn't love a good value bundle? $139 for all your skincare needs.

Bundle includes: Jojoba Oil Cleanser $49.95

Pure Cleanse $29.95

Hyaluronic Serum $49.94

Hydro-Active Moisturizer $39.95

Australian Made Skincare Natural Ingredients Non - Toxic Anti-Aging Cruelty Free Vegan

"Our Dream Glow Tea helps to replenish the skin with a collagen intake and relax the mind with hemp and lavender, add antioxidant benefits that assist collagen synthesis from vitamin C rich ingredients that can also help strengthen the immune system, makes Dream Glow Tea a powerhouse of goodness for the skin , body and mind!"

Goodie Beneficial Ingredients:

Collagen,Hemp,Seeds,Hibiscus, Strawberry Powder,Rosehip Shells, Elderflower, Lavender. Caffeine Free Gluten Free Organic

*When you buy something using the website links on this Blog Post, we may earn a small commission, which pays VAMS bills.

"High in Antioxidants and inner loving herbal ingredients, this tea is a must in my daily "me time" routine." Ellie

MUM'S REALLY DO IT ALL Usually a coffee to help me get through a sleepless night or a tea to calm me down after a long day. Regardless of what plans or schedule I have for work at home, a walk with my daughter or errands throughout the day I always use my skincare before heading out which consists of a hyaluronic serum, vitamin C, moisturizer, an SPF and a hat to protect my skin. Getting that little bit of exercise helps to clear my head and make me feel good that I have given my body a bit of a workout and feel more energized to get through the day.

KEEP PUSHING FORWARD I think overcoming the fear that you might fail and just doing it. But also just juggling life, a new baby, my current job at the time and a new business can be quite chaotic at times. While I understand we have entered a saturated market of skincare and tea in the beauty , health and well being market , I truly believe in our product offering, it has taken me over a year to get the formula and tea blends just right and now we are ready to share them and hope people love them as much as we do but also see the value and gain benefit from the functions they have been made to deliver.

PASSION TO CREATE AND SHARE I get to be creative and engage with customers the way I want to more than I have ever been able to with my previous employers. I have now the flexibility to wholeheartedly listen , advise and make suggestions. Our customers are more than a skin type! Lifestyle and other aspects of their lives have led them to Aesthetic Life and I have the wonderful opportunity to be what may be small but a contributing factor to their efforts to a more Aesthetic Life – no pun intended!

We focus on beauty not only on the outside but the inside too. We look to a holistic approach to beauty. Not only with product but consider healthy living, exercise and diet as contributing factors we like to touch on to achieve a more Aesthetic Life.


At this stage it is all in-house with only some very technical aspects outsourced. I manage all the creative elements of our social feeds. I think it's important as an owner to control the narrative to ensure messaging is on brand.


Don’t be afraid, have faith in yourself and your brand. Stay genuine and true and the people will love you for it. It’s never a straight line there will be bumps along the way but it will make you grow stronger.

MAKE MORE TIME FOR YOU This is something I have not focused on as much as a I should have since working on the business and having a baby and I just absolutely love being a mum and love my little one with my whole heart! However, I do remind myself I need to make more time for myself like have a day spa ,pure relaxation and self-care with a massage and facial or a lovely lunch somewhere with a good friend or sister, what normally busy person wouldn’t want that ? TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AESTHETIC LIFE VISIT THEM HERE

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