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Meet the woman behind Fabulous Skin Co, creator of "The One" skin perfecting serum, a recent winner of 2022 Organic Beauty Award. We've reached out to the entrepreneurial mum of two, to tell us all about running her start-up.

What is Fabulous Skin Co all about?

Hi, I am Teegan, the owner of Fabulous Skin Co. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and am currently studying to become a Cosmetic Chemist to further understand skincare and what goes into it. Fabulous Skin Co is all about simple skincare with a luxurious feel that has supporting your skin barrier at front of mind.


Do you have a full time job or your brand is your baby?

My full time job is a mix of being a mum and running 2 businesses, currently one is undergoing a revamp!

How did "The One" skin perfecting serum come about?

I started Fabulous Skin Co as I was struggling to find an everyday serum that didn’t cause me to breakout, didn’t contain essential oils and that combined all the ingredients I need on a daily basis for healthy skin.


Do you have a morning routine? What is it you do to set yourself up for the day/week ahead? Do you use planning/scheduling apps or paper planners?

I do have a morning routine, but it’s not structured in planners or scheduling apps. I have 2 technically. My first routine is solely for getting myself ready and my children ready for school. Once they are at school I start my work routine. I go for a walk, check emails, write a to do list for the day, make a coffee and get to work on what I need to achieve for the day.

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What was the hardest part/s of starting your own business? How did you overcome this?

Fear of failure. It’s something I think a lot of business owners struggle with. I knew I would regret it later in life if I didn’t start the business and give it a go, that’s how I overcome that feeling of being afraid to fail, just thinking about how it would make me feel if I didn’t try.

What is your favourite part of running your brand? How do you keep yourself motivated?

My favourite part is creating new products and packing orders! I put a lot of effort into making the parcels feel special.

Do you manage your own social media and website?

I am terrible with scheduling and creating content! I do it, but I tend to create when inspiration strikes me as opposed to having a schedule for anything. It is something I am working on being better at. As a start-up, I currently do everything myself.

What are the two things you wished you knew before you launched?

I wish I had learnt more about marketing and brand strategy in general before launching, it is such a critical part of any business and it isn’t always that easy to understand and implement.

One piece of advice to other women just starting out, what would it be? Courses or business accounts to follow?

If it is something you love and are passionate about, just go for it, you don’t want to be left thinking ‘what if?’ in years to come.

Also don’t wait for it to be perfect, the product, the website, your socials, etc. It will never be perfect, nor is anything ever perfect. Just start and keep learning & adjusting as you go.

The business accounts I follow and love are Birdcage Marketing, Maddy gives such great tips and tricks on Tik Tok around the marketing side of business.

I also love Anaita from Sell Anything Online! I have her book and again, she has great tips and advice for businesses. Em Lucin on Tik Tok also gives really great tips for businesses.

I would highly recommend searching ‘small business advice’ on Tik Tok and finding creators you can relate to, there is so much great content on Tik Tok for business owners.

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