Meet Fatma, Oat Body's Founder

Salt, sugar and coffee scrubs NOT doing it for YOU? There's a new body scrub and you might want to get your bank card ready.

Oat.Body is developed by using the best of natural ingredients right here in Australia. Vegan - friendly, cruelty free and smells like a cookie! Continue reading to meet who's behind this amazing product. Meet Fatma, Sydney pharmacists one of the co - founders of Oat Body.

LIGHT BULB MOMENT My brother and I founded Oat Body together.

I have always been passionate about skincare ever since high school because I suffered from acne, eczema and extremely dry skin. I wanted to become a cosmetic chemist at one point to go with my passion for skincare.Oat Body came about when I was having breakfast over a bowl of oats. I had previously read about the benefits of oatmeal for the skincare and we were intrigued to look into it more. "Many scrubs are coffee, sugar or salt based and we wanted something unique and different."


Sweet Vanilla Escape

Coffee Indulgence

Feelin’ Peachy

Three bags of body scrub, oat goodness to help combat dry skin, redness, eczema, psoriasis, acne, stretch marks and pigmentation. The formula is hydrating and non stripping. Glowing and baby smooth skin is just an Oat Body scrub away. Get all 3 or 1 for only $18.95


I do have a morning routine! Immediately when I get up, I do some simple stretching, wash my face with COLD WATER no matter the season and I make my regular lime or lemon with warm water. I do not drink coffee. Then I tackle the day.I usually prepare for my day the night before. I spend about 20 minutes organizing what needs to be done for the next day and any appointments that I have. That way I don’t waste time in the mornings!


The hardest part was how difficult it was. I thought it would be way easier and it wasn’t. Getting the ingredients and the formulation and testing took so much time. There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears. A lot to think about and how your branding should be.


My favourite part is actually packaging and sending off the orders! I love all aspects of running my business and I’m learning so much about everything and how things should be done. My brother and I do all that and we have regular meetings to discuss what can be improved and the business in general.


We manage our own social media and website! We thought about getting someone to do that for us but we wanted to learn all about this part of the business and the marketing strategies and personally meeting other like minded business owners such as Ellie! I have met some wonderful people and it has become like a family to me. I WISH I KNEW...

Before we launched, I wish we had given people more exposure to what we were doing. We were so focused on the product and the packaging, we should have marketed it more. The second thing would be to have organised our social media beforehand and what needed to be done on that end. It’s not all about product shots. That’s what I thought initially and people will not be interested in that content only.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It will save you so much time and stress. There are experts out there and find the one best for you!


Love my self love and self care times. It’s very simple what I do!

Every night I must run and bath with a candle burning in the background. Use my Oat Body scrub. Scrub is not used daily but the bath is done daily. After that I make a cup of hot water with lemon. Then it’s bedtime. Candles are constantly burning in our home. I’m also a clean freak so things need to be clean and in order. I find that helps me so much. I also have a massage regularly! Getting my nails done as well! Thanks for hanging out with us! To learn more about Oat Body CLICK HERE


I have had the pleasure to try OAT.BODY'S SCRUB in Feelin' Peachy YOU CAN READ MY SHORT REVIEW HERE My Review was posted on Instagram @ellie_sirius