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In usual VAMS fashion, we have our ear to the ground on the gems that sit within the beauty space … but … we thought it would be fitting to finish off the year by reaching out to a select few Aussie creators to help us curate a list of must-haves, hidden treasures and game-changing brands of 2023 … if you are ready for all the tea … keep reading … spillage overload!

I'm Minnie, passionate about beauty and girl power. I'm based in Sydney, Australia and have been blogging in the beauty world for just over 3 years!

"I'm picking things I've adored the experience and results of using, because this year has been the year of enjoyment!"

"I've never used a texture like this, it's so fun and has brought a lot of joy to my routine. It has fermented collagen and gives the skin an instant boost of hydration. It's almost serum like and very bouncy, so you can totally skip your hydrating serums and enjoy this as a routine multi tasker!"

"This is elite, I've been so impressed. The scents are fresh yet warm and the textures are absolutely perfect. No notes. Must have! I've finished both my cleansing balm and cleanser from Reme, and I love the message behind the brand for sustainability. Plus, WOC founded!"

"Such a wonderful multitasking serum. The little vitamin E capsules melt into the skin and help give an instant plushness. I reached for this and quickly polished off the bottle. Wonderful formula and definitely for the babe that wants an elevated step in their routine!"

Hi, Everybody! Just a woman named Sally, from Sydney, Australia, who has skincare products spilling out from everywhere in her home!

"Gosh, I find it so hard to pick my top 3 because I opened so many new products this year but here we go! I picked products that really saved my skin this year when it was crying out for help as I was lucky to go on stay-cations and board a few planes which caused many breakouts."

"I brought this along with me every time I went away this year and my skin was so pleased with it. I can trust in this when my skin needs moisturizing and won't cause any flare ups. It sits magnificent under makeup as well. "

"This serum smells so fruity and delicious! It contains niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and encapsulated vitamin e, so automatic winner in my eyes. It helps soothe my skin and gives an overall brighter appearance in my complexion."

"This cleansing balm smells like a day spa! I love that it melts off all my sunscreen and makeup, leaving behind no residue. That's right, it washes off clean without requiring another cleanse, though I always double cleanse. It also provides the best censorial experience."

Meet Jess, content creator from Perth, Australia.

"Forgive me for sounding a tad dramatic here... but I honestly can't imagine life without this hyaluronic hydrating serum! I'm nearly at the end of my third bottle and I can't get enough of it, I'm obsessed. It's without a doubt the most hydrating water-based serum I've ever used and I cannot recommend enough."

"I fell in love with Dillon Skincare earlier this year and this duo are the ultimate solution to brighten, renew, protect and nourish your skin. Both products feature an abundance of Australian botanicals, smell divine and are crafted with love and intention for your skin."

"I find myself reaching for this face oil everyday for a boost and it never disappoints. It's lightweight, suitable for all skin types and will honestly be your skin's new best friend."

Meet Teegan, beauty girly - cosmetic chemistry student and beauty brand owner of Fabulous Skin Co from Townswille, Queensland.

"I have consistently repurchased this all year and am yet to find a mineral sunscreen I like better. It is so lightweight, which is surprising and rare for a mineral sunscreen and has a light tint so you don’t end up with white cast. It also sits beautifully under makeup which is always a plus! "

"Has taken over as my everyday go to foundation! Super lightweight and dewy, it has light coverage but gives an overall natural looking complexion that still lets your skin shine through. Really comfortable to wear, especially in the humid North Queensland climate. "

"Has made such a difference for hydration with my skin. Face mists were never something I would use consistently in my routine but it has made the world of difference. I cannot go a day without it now. I also like to spray it lightly over my makeup when I use powders to take the powdery look away. "

"I am a mental health advocate who loves all things gratitude and healing, I am UGC creator and a new Mother from Brisbane Australia. I’d call myself an extremely creative person who cannot keep up with herself haha, I loveee art, making, designing, editing, creating content."

"I have been so obsessed with my Gelato Ave body scrub!

It literally makes me so happy and smells amazing, it truly brings out the inner child in me and makes me remember how much I just love pampering myself with my scented self care products."

"I got to experience Frank Body products for the first time this year and oh my gosh, lotions that contain my fave ingredients like Niacindamide and Lactic acid etc. Wow!! I never knew I could put that all over my body! I have LOVED my glycolic body scrub from Frank Body in particular! It has made my showers feel cleansing and productive!  As if i’m actually buffering my entire body and renewing all my skin cells!"

"Mr Hux Perfumes, oh my goodness… I had never actually experienced or heard much about gender-less fragrances as I always just stuck to my signature scents. But I worked with MrHux on a collaboration and found their discovery set… it honestly opened up my eyes to different scents. ( I’m a HUGEEE scent obsessed person ) So my nostrils went on a journey!!! I love them all so much."

Meet Ann, Skincare and Beauty Content Creator based in Sydney, NSW.

"This toner was the best skincare product I tried this year, and I think it’ll be a part of my routine for a long time. It helps hydrate the skin after cleansing but the Heartleaf ingredient is the main stat. It has such calming properties that it soothes my sensitive and dry skin after a cleanse, and gives it a gorgeous glow. "

"I love using glitters on my eyelids and this eye shadow palette has all the shades I need while also being so affordable. The shadows are of powder formulae but still has great pigment and very little fallout. I swear the shade “Crush” is a Urban Decay Space Cowboy Dupe for more than half the price."

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"I used to do my own nails but the time it takes to do a gel set, create cute designs, and then remove every 3-4 weeks becomes such a hassle for my busy work style. So I love that I am able to get some cute press- on designs and it’s so easy to remove and switch to a new set every 2 weeks when I want something new. I also like that it is reusable and the glue is so strong, so for someone who’s always looking to change up their nail art very quickly, this is such a life changer. "

Meet Nikki, Mature UGC Content Creator, Loves Natural Beauty & Sustainable Products from Central Coast, NSW.

"I love this super light gel cream which effortlessly absorbs into the skin leaving it super hydrated, bouncy and so very smooth each time I use it whether that be in the morning or evening. I took this on my recent overseas trip and it was the perfect moisturizer for all occasions! "

"This is my absolute favorite cleansing balm. I’m in love with it’s dreamy buttery texture and it has the most divine subtle natural citrus scent. It literally melts into the skin and easily removes all traces of makeup, SPF and dirt. It really doesn’t feel greasy just silky smooth on the skin. You have to try this, I’m sure you will love it too!"

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"This finely milled pure mineral loose powder is the perfect cruelty free and vegan choice for everyday wear as it also protects your skin with natural SPF24. This buildable powder foundation feels silky smooth on the skin and it lasts all day.  I particularly adore its bamboo refillable packaging which you can just buy a refill for when needed. "

"This is a fairly new addition to my body care routine but I am loving it so much that I had to include it. The Wild refillable deodorant sticks offer not only an effective deodorant but they are a perfect sustainable solution. I  am really loving the variety of scents that they have on offer too. My favourite is the cotton and sea salt. "

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KARELLE AMY @karelle.amy

Meet Karelle Amy, UGC content creator from NSW.

"The cleansing balm is so thick and juicy! it removes makeup beautifully without irritating my eyes. the gel cleanser is GORGEOUS! it is so hydrating, cleans thoroughly and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without feeling stripped."

"The TBH rebound serum has been my HOLY GRAIL serum of 2023. I have gone through about 3 bottles of it and have three back ups! It is so hydrating, soothing and repairing! Whenever my skin needs a little extra love (which is all the time haha) I love to use this to bring life back into it! "

Boring Without You For Face Sake Mask $64

"The Boring Without You For Face Sake Mask is my all time fave face mask. I have been using it for YEARS (well before starting my beauty account). It balances my skin, brightens and soothes. It is literally perfection in a tub! "

I'm Tanya, the founder of Skinvestment (SVNT). Consistency in my skincare routine is where I find tranquility. I'm always open to trying out new products which cater to my sensative skin.

Tia'm - Vita B3 Source (2% Arbutin) $25

"I’m in love with this product for not only is it light weight but combines my favourite ingredients being niacidemide and alpha arbutin the two of those are a pigmentation power house and will get you seeing results in no time."

Beauty Of Joseon - Glow Serum $23

"This beauty product harnesses the power of natural propolis and niacinamide. The propolis serves as a potent anti-inflammatory, aiding in managing acne and breakouts while simultaneously promoting skin repair."

My name is Saskia and I’m a content creator from North Qld that loves all things beauty. 

"My skincare favourite of the year is the Equalrxn Oat Milk PHA Serum. It’s been a great gentle yet effective exfoliation product for my acne prone skin."

"My makeup favourite has been the Makeup By Mario Softsculpt Transforming Skin Enhancer. It’s a cream bronzer that blends like butter. It deposits the perfect amount of product for a bronze glow. I’ve finished an entire one this year which says a lot! "

"My fragrance favourite was Goldfield & Banks Sunset Hour. It is the perfect fruity yet mature scent. The lasting power is out of this world and it just gets better with time. It’s the first fragrance that has truly impressed me in quite a while."

If history is anything to go by, as we inch towards 2024, we are bound to be introduced to the latest and greatest skincare and beauty of the incoming year, but for now, let’s soak in the fabulous brands that brought us healthy and happy skin in 2023. 

Happy Holidays and thank you for all your love and support!

Love x Ellie VAMS

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