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Take it to Rehab: With this Sold Out Eyelash Growth Serum

Meet Lash Rehab’s Eyelash Growth Serum, scientifically formulated with high quality, clinically tested ingredients to strengthen, condition and prolong your lashes’ life-cycle. You’ll be so excited to discover faster and healthier lash growth!

Why you should check out the Lash Rehab Growth Serum.Infused with highest quality-tested ingredients Vegan & Cruelty Free NO nasties Paraben & Sulfate Free Australian Made & Owned Serum for SENSITIVE EYES ALSO AVAILABLE Can be used while wearing lash extensions Great for eyebrows NO  prostaglandin, an unsafe chemical for pregnancy or nursing FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE

Whether you’re going for a no-make up look or dolling up for the day, long, healthy lashes make all the difference - drawing attention to the eyes, as well as making them look brighter and more awake. But for people who wear makeup on the daily: who hasn’t lost a few lashes from lash glue, extensions or trying to clean off some extra stubborn waterproof mascara? Been there, done that. With Lash Rehab’s Eyelash Growth Serum though, you can help repair this damage.

This stimulating growth serum works to nourish, repair and support growth of your natural lashes, helping to cut down on both breakage and shedding. It has a triple peptide formula to target all three stages of the lash cycle. You’ll notice longer, thicker and fuller lashes within 4-8 weeks, and full results within twelve!

The serum has been so popular with over 188 reviews and counting , it recently sold out, but is now re-stocked on the Lash Rehab website - where you can shop both the original and sensitive eye formula, as well as bundles for those seriously dedicated to lash care.


  • Simple Instructions: Gently glide the brush along your lash line, ensuring the serum has saturated the lash line. This can be used on both upper and lower lashes.Little serum goes a long way.

  • Beginner Friendly: The serum comes in a slick tube with a thin application brush, making it easy to get close to the lash line.

  • Travel Friendly: The packaging is compact and lightweight, making it easy into your makeup bag.

  • Note: Always apply to clean, mascara free lashes.

  • For sensitive eyes: Opt for specially-formulated Sensitive Formula to avoid tears and red eyes.


This product fit into my evening routine easily, and I prefer to apply this at the end of my bedtime skincare routine.

PATIENCE & CONSISTENCY IS KEY As I tested these over the holidays, I wasn't the most consistent with application, I did have slower growth than usual. My lashes looked thicker and darker. However, I still saw visible growth and full results in twelve weeks! I am so happy with the results - after all that lash glue use over the festive season, my lashes needed all the extra help. I highly recommend this product - it's lazy girl and busy people approved! Happy Shopping!

Note: If you experience any redness or irritation, discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor.

You'll notice a new packaging look, same great ingredients just a newer, fresher look. Love it.

Honest thoughts and opinions by Ellie Bunic. Edited by Stella Thai (Beauty Editor).

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