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Did you know that a healthy skin barrier is the foundation for a healthy epidermis? Fabulous Skin Co is passionate about creating products that get to the root of the problem whilst educating their customers on the importance of skin barrier care.

FABULOUS SKIN CO simplified,
skincare, for sensitive skin.

Fabulous Skin Co is all about simplified skincare that prioritises supporting your skin's moisture barrier for healthy, glowing skin. An Australian-made and owned brand committed to keeping their products cruelty-free, vegan and free from artificial fragrances & essential oils, Fabulous Skin Co has been created with intention and purpose.

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Former Beauty Therapist & mum of 2, Teegan has been in the beauty industry for nearly 2 decades and has helped countless people with improving their skin. Currently studying Cosmetic Chemistry, so she can further deliver quality products for our customers. From struggling with her skin in her teenage years to being diagnosed with PCOS in her 30's, which contributed to adult acne, she has always been drawn to skincare and finding products that work.

After suffering reactions, no results and breaking out from common ingredients found in skincare, as well as needing to mix multiple serums together to just cover the basics, she decided to create Fabulous Skin Co and our first product, The One, to simplify your skincare routine and put supporting the skin barrier first. A fun fact about Teegan is that she collects Barbies.

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